Pacific Wild

Pacific Wild is a conservation organization and website focused on the protection and celebration of the ecosystems of coastal B.C. Ian Mcallister, the founder of Pacific Wild, has a new book out called Great Bear Wild, featuring some seriously amazing photography of the central wild B.C coast. He also wrote the book, Last of the Wild Wolves, about central BC coast wolf populations, which will probably change how you see these creatures, unless of course, you like to shoot them for no reason. This group is fighting to keep our coast from being seen and valued as merely a fossil fuel transportation corridor, and to document and protect the many species that make this coast what it is, including the finned quarry that we all love so much.

Please remember

Remembrance today is and always should be a sombre and reflective reminder of how many people have lost their lives to war. On all sides there stands the orphans, the maimed, the downtrodden, and those who suffer. War is always a force of misery and suffering and it is a reminder that no amount of jaded political spin, economic opportunity, or cheap self justification should be used to drop bombs on innocent people. This day is not about clamouring for war, more guns on parliament hill, or procuring fighter jets. It is a sober reminder that the horror of war remains, not a celebration of it.

Lest we forget