Recent VI trips

there is so much to love about vancouver island

beach sea run apr13


One or two of these left on the island (suprisingly a small stand of these were not cut down along the lower little qualicum river)

lil q big tree

secret creek # 2 (you’ll never get me to tell)

mystery creek

a fine cutthroat


If you’ve been here you know it, and if not then it’s somewhere on VI




Chum fry are now out and about at one of the local beaches (and apparently at some up island beaches too) Now, you’d think that chum fry, an oyster farm, and a box full of fry imitations would be a magic combination for finding sea run cutthroat but it wasn’t this weekend, thus illustrating how elusive these fish can be. Just one more reason why I love themDSCF5305

DSCF5186image (2)DSCF5299

fun times and no fish

Being a constant source of amusement for my family via being obsessed with fish and yet catching relatively few …I’m holding my end up by continuing the trend, I haven’t hooked had a hit or caught anything in about 5 months. Ouch. There I said it. So far in 2013 things are going interestingly, cracked my oil pan in port renfrew, constant illness, fishing partner broke his shoulder, new job, yada yada, nothing but excuses haha but I did spot a single solitary sea run cutthroat jumping about 120’off shore at the local beach (about 70’past where I could place a fly in the breeze that day)and that got me pretty pumped for the upcoming season so just gotta say it ain’t about the numbers or the brand name on your fly rod or waders, competition, egos, winning, it’s just about having fun, respect the fact that you have the┬áprivilege to go fishing, have fish to catch, and the fish themselves…and when you see someone fishing a tenkara rod or float fishing or whatever instead of thinking “what a douche bag”, or “fuckin loser” or some other condescending b.s.┬áconsider that most likely they are having more fun than you and that there is nothing wrong with that (as long as you let go all wild troutskies)

DSCF5267my favorite local beach where I have not been catching sea runs