It seems my days in southern Vancouver island have come to an end. Unforseen events otherwise known as life have converged to send me back to the Fraser valley, which happens to be where a bunch of my old stomping grounds are located. So while Vancouver island topics will definitely fall by the wayside, there are many more conservation related rants and BC flyfishing topics to come including kayak fishing, and mainland cutthroating amongst others.

In the interest of keeping things honest unlike so so many things in the world of fly fishing, I now work at a tackle shop in the Fraser valley. Just to clarify previous to this I have never worked or received any monies for anything to do with fishing, and while this blog has zero relation to or influence from my employer a little honesty is required relative to publishing tackle reviews and the like.

I hope this doesn’t cloud your judgement of this blog which continues as ever to celebrate the amazing salmonids of this coast and flyfishing in the most honest way I know how.


Vote motherfucker!

Don’t believe in the system? This is reality, not dungeons and dragons. When you let apathy take the wheel and let a party who got themselves a majority because only 20 odd percent of the country actually voted for them and then allowing them to “run” the country as a purely cynical and completely autocratic exercise in message management, at the cost of the very things they claim to represent including the economy, you put everyone else in this entire diverse and great country over a barrel. Canada is so very much more than the picture the conservative spin machine is trying to paint it over with so stop acting like a 16 year old girl and involve yourself in this thing called democracy. Please fucking vote. Please.