Hey, you’re¬†no cutthroat, what are you doing sitting in soft water, eating fry patterns, and generally acting like you aren’t merely some sorta rainbrown¬†bycatch?




This year has taken me on travels far and wide across all areas of the island in pursuit of relaxation and the the many fine species of anadromous and resident trout found here. Over the year only a few photos stand out on their own as being more than just a reminder of an adventure or a fun day. I don’t actually take pictures of a lot of fish that I catch and I know that with such a photocentric blog, that many must suspect me of being one of those guys who will pretty much play a fish to death to get it to sit still and then take a thousand photos for the perfect shot. I don’t and I’m not. My favorite from the year, to me the perfect small island wild steelhead.


Fish that aren’t sea run cutthroat






I’ve spent most of the fall fishing for species other than sea run cutthroat this year, and it has been a lot of fun. There is no better time to be out in the year, as even a slow day rewards you with excellent scenery. The fly fishing opportunities here in the fall are pretty much endless, and many people don’t even bother with trout and steelhead in the fall being as there is chum, coho, chinook, and trout in the island lakes a plenty. While the numbers of fish in our streams are not as numerous or as large as many others, there is nothing in my mind that compares to the fine streams of this island.