Sea run cutthroat 101 course

Len Steves Workshop

While the field of courses catering to coastal cutthroat fly fishing is definitely crowded these days, I just wanted to put it out there that I will be hosting a series of upcoming events in conjunction with the Cumberland fly shop focusing on sea run cutthroat fly fishing. In addition to the fly tying night and on the water beach and river course, there will be a free introductory sea run cutthroat fly fishing talk at the Cumberland fly shop the evening of friday March 31, 2017 7-10pm. This evening is for anglers of all skill levels focusing on covering all the bases needed to begin to enjoy this fishery. While it is geared to the novice I’m sure there will be something for a more experienced angler to engage with. We will cover a lot of ground including biology, history, angling techniques, fly tying, salt and freshwater specific topics, conservation and more. (BYOB)


One may freely ask why I am doing this, when I have been so vocal against commercial   exploitation of salmonids. It’s not for money, I think there is so much more to this world than just fishing, and I believe education and mentorship are so important in protecting salmonids against the many threats they face. This is an opportunity for me to pass on the appreciation of this species, and I’m going to take it.


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