Anti-social media

Social media isn’t and never has created any problem in the world of fishing that didn’t already exist. Blaming social media for problems that have to do with diminishing resources being overused by a over populated earth going through a climate shift is a tired cliche that needs to be put to bed. Social media can certainly be a tool for tools (see this blog) but it has also given conservation initiatives a much greater opportunity to connect to the larger community and world.

There is a place for responsible use of social media in the fly fishing world. Go pros, Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook et al are actually all great when used appropriately. Limit what you post, post thoughtfully, ask yourself why you are posting what you are posting, we live in a content driven world, you can’t change that, so use the platform for good.

Posting every fish you ever caught including dark 10″ rainbows on Instagram is lame, Facebook groups where everyone is posting the same gear caught 5 lb summer run held four feet out of the water is lame, badly filmed go pro videos where you can’t see anything but a fish getting abused from a shaky perspective is lame, advertising your fishing location is lame (why shit where you eat?), making money as a guide by hotspotting is lame. Truth is it’s pretty easy to separate the garbage from the gold.

let people know this stuff is lame!

There are many poor or fragile runs of many salmonids on vancouver island but every single one of the problems that these rivers has predates the availability of social media. Is social media misused? Yes it is sometimes, but you don’t have to be the one doing it.


6 thoughts on “Anti-social media

  1. I’m ok with social media, but I really hate the things you mentioned as well as advertising new-found fishing locations to the world, or even being far too specific about where you are! And careless photos of fish and backgrounds get included in my definition of “lame”. When it comes to coho, cutthroats, ECVI or WCVI is close enough. Giving the specific bay or waterway is just bad taste. Publish flies, how to fish, and whatever, but leave the “X” marks the spot out of it! If you must, tell a buddy by telephone, but leave the internet out of it! I could go on but …. Ok. I’m done.

    • I hear ya, when i think of all of places where the experience of fishing a place has become horrible (wayyy too many on vancouver island) solely due to irresponsible posting on social media i get upset, thing is its not going away so people need to be made to understand when they fuck up and make fatal mistakes and it can’t just be not just choosing not to like whatever they put up. I personally still think guides misusing social media single handedly has created more of these problems than anyone or anything else.

      • I don’t totally blame guides. Many are quite responsible. However there are a few “wannabe famous” guys trying to get cheap fishing gear from companies, who write daily blogs. Maybe they wannabe (or are) guides too? I just know of a few who according to friends post almost daily blogs on what they caught and where.

      • I’ll qualify that comment by saying that I am a guide, however I’ll defer to you cause you’ve fished here a lot longer than I have. Self gratifying tools notwithstanding I have noticed though that the rivers i hear guides talk about and see guides on have lots of social media presence and out of town fishing pressure, regardless of the nearby population proximity.

  2. Reading your posts have always reminded me of the reasons I love to fish but I have to call bullshit to this. As someone who has lived his entire life (coming up on fifty years) in Qualicum Beach and fishing my local rivers for forty of them, I see a huge problem with the effects of social media on my home rivers. I learned to fish by trial and error. Besides just enjoying bring “out there” I learned what it took to catch a cutthroat or a steely. To me this is what river fishing was about. Yes….there was plenty of talk between locals as to how the good or not the fishing was but it was local…..not spread all over the internet.
    I now watch a local as a “local” fly fishing store posts every couple of weeks on my home rivers and have seen the effects it has had. It’s not a pretty sight if you believe in any type of ethics when it comes to fishing and it directly correlates to when I first started watching these posts hit the internet. Go figure…

    • Touche, I was just stirring the pot here a bit, I have seen the social media effects you speak of and experienced it first hand. It’s gross. Numerous rivers on the island have become completely unbearable to even go to. You should see what the mainland rivers are like. I would rather stay at home than be around the type of fishers that this stuff attracts. Heck maybe me and my blog are guilty. I’ve certainly made the attempt to be responsible here.The reason I posted this was because I felt sick after scrolling through literally hundreds of island summer pics complete with background shots (way to go losers) from all the instagram heroes out there. I just think social media like it or not is here to stay and maybe we should be really pushing back against the direction it is going. Or ban cameras and guides on all rivers. Thanks for an honest comment.

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