Northern gateway

I am a resident of British Columbia, and I have struggled to find consistent and meaningful work in my life, but I do not think for one moment that the things that make my home a good place to live should be put at risk of destruction for me to have a job. I also respect the fact that the native individuals and bands in this province have rights and privileges that I and my family do not have. I do not tolerate elected officials who feed as vampires upon the relentless apathy of the voting public in this province and country to use it as a way to abdicate all responsibility in protecting this province including its people. I do not tolerate the barons of industry being able to decide whether the fisheries act or SARA for aquatic species (which number far beyond only the species of salmon and trout that we all love) should be invoked when considering large and impactful projects. I also do not tolerate a man and his regime who dismantle all of the environmental regulations that were put in place to protect this coast and its people as if they are and mean nothing, to benefit a small group of wealthy friends who don’t live here. It is good for me and like minded individuals that I am not alone. Consider this Christmas putting your support behind people who might have the only and unprecedented way to challenge the maniacal heretics of this country who will gamble our future (not theirs) away for a questionable, vague, overseas “economic benefit”.

The reality of Enbridge/fuck the fish

If you dislike this project as much as I do, here is at the very least a token gesture of support for people who are actually fighting this project     Enbridge is attempting to begin preemptory infastructure work on this project already even though it is not as of yet approved, and once again the native bands (whose water will be directly affected by a spill) are the only ones who are doing anything to try to stop it.

1) This pipeline will be built, if you think this wasn’t rubber stamped like 5 years ago then you should try the mushrooms growing in the field behind my house.

2) There will be a spill. Don’t agree? You are clearly a fucking tool.

3) Lots of mechanisms to prevent these projects have been removed, like our fishery legislation, and free trade agreements that allow freedom from prosecution when you destroy wild trout and salmon rivers lakes and creeks.

4) As every body of power that represents anyone but native groups are all gutless wonders, it is entirely up to the native power structure to shape the building of this pipeline in such a way as to minimize the damage it may cause.

5) This project will provide a good amount of short term jobs for what will largely be an Albertan work force.

6) Just because you live in a small northern BC town you are not entitled to have a resource job provided for you.

7) Fish are at the bottom of almost everyone’s list of priorities when it comes to this project.

8) All of the people making decisions that relate to safety, cost of cleanup, and environmental effects will most likely be long gone by the time a spill happens and thus are offsetting their present gains over our future loss should a spill ever happen.

9) Believing in climate change isn’t a fantasy, denying it’s existence is living in a fantasy world.

10) If you actually care about fish and wild creatures in far off places like this then you need to make a lot more effort and noise, stop fighting over nymphing with bobbers, and the length of your (cock) fly line, realize that the only reason there are still fish for you to squabble about was that enlightened people in the previous age of unrestrained land rape fought to preserve them, a lot harder than most of you do.