Please just vote

British Columbia has a provincial election coming up on May 9th, 2017. The current Liberal government has proven time and time again that marine and freshwater fish in particular, and the environment in general, are not even in consideration for real and meaningful protection under their governance.

In the recent past anadromous fish values were swept under the rug with the Kokish River run of the river hydroelectric project, today it is the “Site C” dam proposal, tomorrow it could be anywhere, the Thompson, Dean, Skeena, Nimpkish rivers or any of your favourite streams.

The flora and fauna of this great coast have no representative in this government, so if you care, go and vote one in, from whichever party, because the only steelhead management plan that this government is currently seeing through is the extirpation of the species through much of its range on the south coast.

One thought on “Please just vote

  1. Len, Great to finally meet you and get a chance to be out on the water sharing the same connection through sea-run cutthroat.I wanted to send you an email and for some reason(senality I suspect) I can’t find it, so please send it. I really appreciate your effort to make the long drive to attend the workshop and take me fishing.I was talking with the guys on the ferry ride home about your flies and the day on the water and it suddenly dawned on me that I had some materials with me that I could have left with your for fly tying..dah on my part. let’s talk more about it when I get your address. Thank you again for a beautiful morning on the Bay.

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