I’m the islander

I’ll be brief, it is damn good to be back on the island. Anadromous fish and their stream resident brethren are doing pretty shitty over here, and that really hurts, because this island is a special place. It’s also home, and I’m back, in the comox valley this time, and I ain’t leaving unless you chain me to the ferry to hell(tsawassen)

There are many things to reflect on after a year of living on the mainland, and working in the tackle industry.

1. The tackle industry is a poisonous farce, manned by a bunch of “guides” and “professionals” who if left to their own devices are going to destroy every last fishery that exists on earth.

Buy whatever you can afford and be happy with it, only human waste look down on others because of the cost of their tackle, Farbanks and all the other purveyors of high dollar cool can all go suck a bag of dicks. I have never felt less interested in fishing in my life than the time I worked in this industry.

2. The island is a special place, the vedder river, not so much.

3. I am still going to keep this catastrophe of a blog going, if only to piss off idiots and entertain my ambitions to be a Walmart level fly tier, and more importantly because fish like the coastal cutthroat are magnificent creatures deserving of our awe and reverence.

There are still some signs of life in some streams here (the water in this stream stays cold, don’t worry)



18 thoughts on “I’m the islander

  1. Aren’t you so spot-on about the tackle industry and especially “guides” and “professionals”. I’d add Fly Shops to the mix although you probably include them in the tackle industry.

    • I don’t want to throw every fly shop under the bus in a self righteous fury, just some, there are some good guys out there. The tackle industry is acting as if it’s 1982 and everything is hunky dory, that shit don’t cut it anymore when one looks at what VI, Washington, and the Fraser valley are like now compared to 1982. In 1982 you could bonk Thompson river steelhead, think of how fucked up that idea is now. Anyhow I know I’m preaching to the converted here but I gotta say it.

  2. Glad to have you writing again! Your many posts have gotten hooked into and absolutely fucking obsessed with cutthroat. Thanks man.

  3. you might be one of the most important voices articulating and defending the importance of anadromous fish, so please keep writing, now that you are back home. And thanks for the words, the fish can’t thank you so someone needs to

  4. Sure glad that someone hasn’t given up……..I’ve been pasionatly blurting this type of babble for years, very few listen and it doesn’t seem anybody gives a flip. At 60 years of age I am still throwing my hands in the air and yelling ” What the Fuck is going on here “. Makes me sick to think about it all.

    Thanks for all the good tips. Thanks for all the heart felt pasionate posts, keep up the good work.

  5. I am happy for you being able to get back to the Island. It is indeed a special place. Enjoy it while you can. Things will never be like 1982 again. Or like 1973 when I relocated to Vancouver Island. I vividly remember first visiting this beautiful place in 1965 and thinking — I sure would love to live here someday.

    • I’m pretty bad about responding quickly to people’s comments and for that I apologize. I love everyday I’ve got here, as bad as it may be. I grew up on the mainland and a lot of what was there is now in decline in many ways, I fear for this place that it will follow the Fraser valley death spiral and will continue to do what little I can to preserve this place

  6. Love the sentiment, and have been working for 35+ years to try to protect the habitat, which is basic to keeping the place and its fish together. Glad you’re back here (I live just north of Courtenay, near Kitty Coleman) and have a strong voice for cutthroat. Look forward to bumping into you on a river!

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