Fuck the Earth Day

It’s earth day today, and as much as you couldn’t care less, I feel this is an apt story to tell on just such a day. A douchebagger logging company in Port Alberni has decided that fish, ungulates, water, trees and people don’t matter at all…


Vancouver Island’s steelhead runs shouldn’t be as poor as they are. We have many kilometres of wilderness, little fishing pressure, pristine coastal watersheds…. but then there’s the clown show logging companies who operate here as if it is their own little fiefdom and all facets of society must pay homage to their supremacy. This type of land use decision is the epitome of what goes on almost daily here.

The climate is changing. I have no interest in getting into arguments with people who refuse to believe in global warming, just like I’m not going to argue about religion with religious people who believe in a medieval version of Star Wars. You believe what you want to believe, that’s fine with me, but corporate decisions like this have no place in a world that has a changing climate. Large corporations continue to defy common sense and any kind of science you care to cite in thrall to political and financial objectives that are important only to a very few rich nut jobs. It would seem that no cost is too great, and many are fully willing to sacrifice the most important common value we all share, the earth, our home, to their own ends.

Fuck that shit

Just so you understand the context, Port Alberni is literally one of the last towns on this island to willingly criticize logging companies.

So if you think that logging companies (that won’t bend to or even acknowledge the wishes of a town whose existence is pretty much dependant on logging) give a flying fuck about cutting every last tree right to the banks of any given salmon bearing stream on this rock, think again.

My favorite earth day slogan:

“Earth first! We’ll log the other planets later”


4 thoughts on “Fuck the Earth Day

  1. Timber West, Island Timber et al counter its their own personal private land to desecrate as they see fit. But is it really private?

    Well, you know Canadians: ever self-conscious about the effort required to strip away our resources, we graciously exchange them for almost nothing. This private land is a great example as it was given away for pennies an acre to someone so they could take our coal for pennies a tonne. “Fee simple land” as the deforesters like to call it; as in no stumpage and, as in almost no property tax for a 100 years or so on the pretense it was forest industrial. Ahem…now that they’re converting this land to real estate, lets forget the forest industrial thingy or we’ll have to assess back tax.

    The only place steelhead thrive is on tourist brochures and if the Province had any clit, they’d shut the rivers down for fishing for a few years to let things recover.

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