Internet pollution

While this blog may not be that good, overly verbose, grammatically correct, cogent, and openly panders to a questionable everyman ethic, I have been frankly surprised at the favourable response that I have received from the general public (that uses the Internet, fly fishes, cares remotely about conservation). Much of the internet fly fishing/forum/blog world suffers from pressure to be a $$$ logo fest with absolutely no substance (see all the horrendous guide outfitter Skeena or Dean river steelhead prostitution), or a trollathon whereby anybody who says or does literally anything is automatically an idiot (see any steelhead forum on the Internet). This kind of thing leads to an edited version of reality, a place where no one has ever done something stupid and learned from it, and also a place where idiots who make a lot of noise are able to drown out those that may have a point or relevant experience and knowledge. It makes online media a place where politics carry more weight than actions, things that I don’t believe are good or healthy. It is sometimes difficult to put yourself out there into that circus, especially admitting to being a human that makes mistakes as opposed to some sort of jedi expert and try to make any kind of point in that sphere, but in spite of the fact that I am no expert, and just love sea run cutthroat, for some reason people haven’t been remotely negative here. So thank you.

We here at cutthroatsgalore will continue to strive to provide the kind of specialized redundancy you have come to expect.


3 thoughts on “Internet pollution

  1. your blog is the 1st e mail I read.I share your love for cutthroat trout, specialy the sea runs.I fish mainly waking flys, cutthroat candy, the old pattern, is 1 of my favorites when the currrent allows.

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