The usual suspects

Well, life’s been a touch crazy lately, and since I last posted the feds rubberstamped Enbridge Northern Shitway to the shock of absolutely no one, the Chilcotin band’s legal decision regarding native title on land outside of treaties has blown the whole concept of crown land and maybe mega projects like Enbridge on it’s head (or so it seems), and an endless lack of rain has pretty much shut down the whole summer steelhead thing, at least for those of us with a conscience. However in spite of the many obstacles I have still managed to get out for a good amount of fishless outings, so life is good, no?

Lots of these around


Sea runs have been slow at all my usual haunts but there apparently are a few uneducated specimens still left


Too many muddlers, not enough time


3 thoughts on “The usual suspects

  1. Always enjoy looking at other peoples fly boxes and their “standard” go to flies and how they compare to mine. Definitely some similarities but also some extreme contrasts, including things I’d never consider tossing out there. That’s what’s really cool about these fish, there are no rules, they make a life where and how they have to. Every beach may require a different bag of tricks.

    I’ve had a real hit or miss early summer. Had great mornings on tides where “rules” say I should not have, and the opposite is true.

    One depressing note has been the increase of poaching off one muddy beach near Victoria. At the last extreme low tide I picked up seven snagged spoons all complete with barbed trebles. I think I dare assume the type that would break that reg. would break another. That may explain the reduced action of this beach. It doesn’t take much!

    • It’s been touch and go for me too this season. Fly choice for these fish is always a funny thing, I’ve had several people show me their go to flies, and been surprised. I’ve found spinners and spoons with barbed trebles at many of the beaches I fish, It makes you wonder just how much poaching really does go on.

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