Shine on you crazy egg wagons

Many island streams host very small runs of winter steelhead these days and are closed to fishing because their numbers are so low. I just wanted to post this in celebration of a whole runs of fish being able to exist and spawn in spite of the best efforts of most steelheaders, loggers, companies, governments and various cultures that have done nothing to protect, celebrate, or otherwise coexist with these fine fish. I’m not at all against fishing smaller rivers and runs but with the local “friends” these rivers have and judging by the behaviours regularly displayed on the Stamp, I’m going to venture that these rivers are actually better off being closed. Saying that goes against a lot of what I believe but the truth of the matter is that there is a problem with many sport fishers attitudes when it comes to smaller rivers. Most people think that the same grip n grin, flossing and snagging, hatchery fish abusing techniques and attitudes are fully transferrable to small creeks with small runs and wild fish. Many creeks and rivers have had their winter runs closed in recent years here, and while there are lots of issues involved with those declines, fishers don’t often bear the brunt of the blame. So, here’s pointing the finger at you, all the douche bag guides and fishers who give steelheading such a bad name. You are part of the problem.

By the way, “steelheader” as a term refers to far more than just an out of work lout with an attitude

So, shine on you Cous creek and Nahmint river winter steelhead (sneaking by in such close proximity to the crown jewel of winter steelheading douchery), shine on


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